Our Process…

Our Process…   What you can Expect!    We believe… No One knows the outstanding features and luring qualities of your property better than you!

Initial Consultation

  • Understand your needs and expectations
  • Learn the most compelling features and qualities of your property
  • Provide you an overview of our roles
  • Immediately engage our professional writer to begin “crafting your story”
  • Dispatch our photographer (stills, aerials) and videographer (as appropriate) to create your photo gallery
  • Provide you references if needed (ie.1031-exchange, attorneys, accountants, trades)


Pricing Strategies

  • Review your property and current market stats, economic conditions and appraisal ability.
  • Discuss value of your property, features relative to the comparables and competition.
  • Pricing right from the beginning increases odds of a quicker close and reduced carrying costs.
  • Establish fair market value early so potential buyers are not lost.
  • Proper pricing from the start can get you a higher sales price in the end.
  • Many agents favor initially pricing above market…. we believe pricing correctly will move your property faster.


Marketing and Staging Strategies

  • Provide our marketing approach and tailor design a plan specific to your property.Review internet, global and local marketing efforts.
  • Walk your property to review ways to prepare for optimal showing scenarios.
  • Provide utility, warranty and other records as available and as appropriate.
  • Ensure that other brokers have opportunity to view the property and provide feedback.
  • Monitor marketing strategies and activities to evaluate efficacy of the mediums used


Managing the Sale

  • Review submitted offers.
  • Negotiate the agreement and counter-offer when necessary
  • Reach final agreement.
  • Work through contract deadlines:
  • Deposit earnest money, Order title commitment
  • Inspections, Surveys when needed.
  • Removal of contingencies (ie. Buyer’s loan approval or sale of contingent property)
  • Prepare for Buyer’s final walkthrough and closing documents (mail out or in person)
  • Closing!


Post-Closing Service

  • We will remain your faithful real estate professionals
  • We look forward to serving you, your family, or your friends in the future!