Value Offered with Buyer’s Agency

Fiduciary Duties: A Buyer’s Agency will provide that your best interest is always top priority with the utmost loyalty and good faith.  I will negotiate on your behalf of and act as an advocate for you.

Write the Offer: We will work together to be sure you are in control of the terms, price and inclusions.  We will propose a timeline that works for you and is in your best interest.

Negotiations: From the time the offer is submitted until a successful closing, I will continue to negotiate in your best interest.  Terms, price and dates and deadlines will all be negotiated per your instruction and with my guidance.

Earnest Money: Typically, earnest money is held by the Title Company in an escrow account. I will oversee that the earnest money is received and recorded within the dates and deadlines, thus creating a binding contract.

Document Review: Throughout the process, I will review all documents for accuracy of names, legal description and terms that were agreed upon.  It is always recommended to have an attorney review anything of concern.

Mortgage Approval: Two components of the process that will require facilitation by your Lender are the Pre-Approval letter and the Appraisal. Once you have your pre-approval letter, you will be ready to make an offer when you find a property that is of interest.  Your Lender will hire an Appraiser to determine the fair market value of the property. This will help protect you and ensure you are not paying too much.  I will follow up with all affiliates to keep matters within the dates and deadlines.

Title Exam: The Seller will need to convey a clear title of the property.  A general warranty deed will be proposed in the offer, which lends to the most protection for the Buyer.  In most all cases, the Title Commitment will be paid for by the Seller.

 Closing:  I will attend your closing at the Title Company with you.  If you cannot be present, I will help to facilitate with the Title Company to be sure Delivery of Deed, and your funds were received in a timely manner.

After Closing: Once the deed has been recorded, I will send a full packet of signed documents as attachments so you have the complete file in one email.